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HOLOPLOT Plan is a software application for designing and setting up HOLOPLOT Audio Systems. It gives you the ability to create and set up arrays, create different beam types for Matrix Arrays, simulate sound system designs, and export projects to HOLOPLOT Control.

HOLOPLOT Plan offers a suite of features for advanced acoustic modelling and simulation: including importing 3D venue models from SketchUp, drawing zones, designing Matrix Arrays and positioning them through a 3D interface.

It allows the creation of Parametric Beams and Virtual Sources using Wave Field Synthesis and Coverage Beams using 3D Audio-Beamforming through our custom Optimization Engine. HOLOPLOT Plan's Optimization Engine ensures uniform coverage and spectral consistency in audience areas. Users can simulate and visualize direct sound pressure levels for all beam types, evaluate system performance using Acoustic Probes and frequency visualizations, and fine-tune Coverage Beams, Parametric Beams, and Virtual Sources. Projects can also be exported for further simulation in AFMG EASE.

What is new in Plan 2.0?

Our latest version of the HOLOPLOT Plan introduces a host of innovative features designed to enhance workflows and provide you with more robust system design and project organizational tools. Here’s an overview of the key updates:


Create multiple shows inside the same project file with Presets

Preset layers

Organize beams into layers that will be time-aligned together

Beam variants

Easily experiment with different beam variants

Acoustic environments

Easily create and switch between different atmospheric conditions

Headroom gain normalization

Maximize headroom quickly and efficiently

Export to HOLOPLOT Control

Export files to the controller from Plan 2.0

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